A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you running for office?

I am running to bring common sense back to Frederick County. We need Council members who are truly dedicated, to being fiscally responsible for our county’s budget while providing tax cuts. It is time we have a Council that will take the time to review taxes and fees that our residents and small businesses are being charged and look at ways to eliminate those unnecessary expenses.  It is time we bring back common sense to our local government.  No more wasting time or money on an agenda that divides our communities.  We need to stand together and support our communities and each other.  We need to support our officers and as your elected official I would not interfere with routine traffic stops that put the lives of our officers at risk.  We need to ensure that our schools maintain a high standard of education.  Lastly, although improving I270 is a state issue, the state won’t do a thing unless we have strong voices on our council to continue to demand improvements.

What is the biggest issue facing Frederick County? How would you address it?

The biggest issue facing Frederick County residents are taxes.  We need an in-depth review of our budget to find ways to eliminate wasteful spending and unnecessary fees.

What is one thing that you would do differently than your challengers?

I will provide professional leadership that delivers results. We can and will do better!

How do you plan to work with people with views different than your own?

As County Council member, I will represent all citizens of Frederick County.  I intend to handle things in a non-partisan manner, in order to make progress that is good for all of Frederick County, instead of catering to the right or left.  Some of the best ideas come from listening to the constituents.

While I have my own views on many issues locally and nationally, my focus is on what I can do if elected.  The issues that I feel need immediate attention are:


Being fiscally responsible means taking a hard look at our county’s budget and asking questions about what is necessary and what is wasting our tax dollars.

The current Council has allowed the following to occur in the county’s budget:

  • approving the County Executive to have a staff of 13 staff members costing $1.2 million to Frederick County residents. This is also not limiting government.
  • Approving of a business development specialist in the Office of Economic Development with an annual salary range of 91,992 and $117,550, respectively, that will help with diversity and inclusion issues. Yet the Council still developed an Equity and Inclusion leadership team.  Here we now have over lapping positions/committees with high paying salaries.
  • Creating an Equity and Inclusion Leadership Team with a Chief Officer making $95,000 annually. The County has an HR department and any complaints of racism should be addressed and investigated through this office.
  • An increase budget of 8% after a pandemic causing more of a financial burden on Frederick County taxpayers and small businesses.


  • Back the 287(g) program
  • Hiring of more officers
  • Additional training for officers
  • Due to the high density of communities in the Southern and Eastern portion of Frederick County that include Urbana, Monrovia, Mt. Airy, develop a new Sheriff District office building in Monrovia.
  • Expand the Mobile Crisis Unit


  • Expanding I-270 is a state issue but without a very vocal County Council, changes will never be made to make your commute easier. Frederick is a rapidly growing county and we are already behind with our infrastructure.  I will support all reasonable solutions to fix I-270.

Awakening the WOKE

CRT is not just being taught in schools nationwide, but also by the government as well as many employers. Employees are having to take race sensitivity training, often packaged with different titles and descriptions, but the bottom line is that they are all CRT. The purpose of CRT is for no legitimate reason other than to create division.

At the July 30, 2021 Council meeting, they discussed the Bill to establish the Office of Equity and Inclusion.  This bill is sponsored by Council member Kai Hagen, on behalf of the Administrator and County Executive, Jan Gardner. There is NO valid reason Frederick County should even be considering this type of office.

Michael Hughes will be the Lead for this new office.  He said that the offices number 1 goal is to,

“Provide Institutionalized Structure, Support Resources Including Appropriate Funding, Guidance To Organize, Coordinate And Advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Belonging Goals And Initiatives.”

Equity outcomes throughout the county. Hughes also stated that he does not want this office to duplicate other departments.  This office WILL be a duplicate!  The county has a human resource department, a housing department and a human relations department.  If a person wants to file a complaint for discrimination, we already have these departments in place to handle it.

Mr. Hughes also used data from June 2019 on county employees to try and show a lack of diversity throughout county employees.  He stated there were 2,090 county employees of which 1,897 were white, 28 Asian, 115 Black and 48 Hispanic. He then went on to say that of the higher-grade jobs, 137 were white and only 3 were black.  What Mr. Hughes’ data failed to mention was how many minorities actually applied for these positions and how many were actually qualified.

This Equity and Inclusion Office will only hire people based on race, not on merit.  Is that what we really want here in Frederick County?