Campaign Kick-Off Success

Last night was my County Council At Large Campaign Kick-Off. I am so appreciative to everyone who showed up and showed support. While the event was originally scheduled to be held outside, the weather did not get in the way of a great evening as we moved it to inside.

Last night the evening began with social hour, with food and drinks galore. One guest made it a point to say that the food at my event was the best they have had yet, out of all the kick-off events they have attended this year.

After we got our eat and drink on, we all went to living room where Ashley Nieves and Aidan Atwood spoke. I was honored enough to have candidate for County Executive, Senator Mike Hough speak followed by candidate for Delegate, Mayor of Woodsboro Heath Barnes, and then of course I said a few words.

After the speech portion of evening ended, my guests continued to mingle. The evening ended around 10 PM with a few guests hanging out a little later. What a great night!

Again, I am so grateful to all who attended and all who have graciously supported and donated to my campaign so far.

Knowledge is Power

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  • It was my great pleasure to spend some time speaking with you today at the Veterans day Parade in Brunswick MD! Having grown up in that little town and watched the parade all my life, it was definitely different to walk the parade for the first time!!! I have participated in many parades throughout the county as a vol.fireman. this parade was so different!!! I got to share some of my knowledge about the county and then to ask you about what you would do as a member of the County Council!!!! I must say, I feel the county should get out and Vote for you as your knowledge of the County and vision for the future is awesome!!! I look forward to many more conversations and watching the change you offer Frederick County!!!!

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