Testing Senior Woman For Covid-19

What is the Goal?!?!

We need to be asking, what is the goal? We all know this virus isn’t going away. The first goal was to lock down so it would go away. Didn’t work.

The second goal was to make sure hospitals weren’t inundated. Didn’t work because hospitals only allotted so many rooms for COVID.

Third goal was vaccinated large % of Americans. Didn’t work. So now many of us have taken a shot that doesn’t protect us from getting COVID and we still have to wear masks!! 😡

The worst part is, while our government has demanded these daily restrictions from us they continue to live their lives unrestricted.

For example, Obama’s 60th Birthday party with no masks, or AOC attending a $35,000 event with no masks, and Mayor Bowser attending a wedding with no masks.

Like many of you, I don’t know what to believe about COVID because the “science” changes so often but I do know that we are all being manipulated. So again, why aren’t we all demanding to know what is the goal for all of these precautions???

Knowledge is Power

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