Stop Funding Failing Baltimore Schools

We all need to stop funding failing Baltimore schools. If Baltimore wants to keep voting for these people, then they get what they deserve. But the rest of Maryland taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for Baltimore’s mistakes!!!

Senator Justin Ready 

September 2 at 3:41 PM  · Today I sent a letter signed by several of my Senate colleagues to the Maryland State Board of Education and Superintendent Choudhury asking the Board to use its newfound willingness to hold emergency meetings to take action to intervene in the Baltimore City school system that for decades has been extremely troubled despite significant subsidizing by Maryland taxpayers from all over the state. Funding per pupil in Baltimore is over $18,000 a year, by far the most in Maryland. Students, parents and many staff and teachers trying their best have been let down repeatedly by a failed system. Numerous scandals have gone largely unanswered. Our letter encourages the State Board to take action on what is truly an emergency. These kids can’t wait.

Knowledge is Power

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