Beginning the School Year

Normally the beginning of the school year is filled with excitement as children and parents prepare for the first day of school. Many parents aren’t feeling the excitement this year. They are filled with anxiety and stress. These parents know that their choice for their child having to wear a mask all day in school has been taken away from them. Our local leaders have once again overreached their authority. Have any of these decision makers sat in a classroom with a minimum of 10 – 15 students and 2 adults with the room temperature of 75 degrees with a mask on??? I have – and it is stifling!

We are all lucky enough to live in the United States where we are supposed to have the freedom to choose. What may be right for my family, may not be right for yours – and that’s okay. We all have the right to choose what works for us. This simple concept, a god given right, seems to be lost. We have people demanding that everyone gets vaccinated and wear masks. Where is the right to choose?

Please remember that your local school administrators, teachers and support staff did not decide to mandate masks in schools, and although you may be frustrated, try not to take it out on them. The administrators, teachers and support staff are excited to have the children back in school, and many are upset about the mask mandate like the rest of us.

School will still start on August 18th, with children and school staff alike having to wear masks. I really hope that parents are able to stay positive and enthusiastic for their children’s sake, regardless of the tyrannical mask mandate set by the FCPS board of education.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and educational school year!!

Casie Chang

Knowledge is Power

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